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Academy Boys & Girls (2017-2015 Birth Years)

Our Academy plays both Fall & Spring Seasons.

Fee Structure: $1250 Club Dues ($500 Commitment Fee at signing to secure spot, $750 to be paid at the same time or 4 or 7 monthly installments) plus $200 Team Fees for a total of $1450.

Academy Uniform will be $166 for the Player Package.  We run on a 2 year uniform cycle and this is year one.


Competitive Boys & Girls U11-U19

All of our Competitive Teams play both Fall & Spring Seasons.

Fee Structure:

  • Competitive U11/U12 $1,650 Club Dues  / $500 Team Fees
  • Competitive U13/U14 $2,050 Club Dues / $500 Team Fees
  • Competitive U15+  $1,850 Club Dues / $250 Team Fees +

$500 Commitment Fee due upon signing, the remaining balance can be paid at the same time or divided into 4 or 7 monthly payments.

Competitive Uniform will be $360 for the package.  We run on a 2 year uniform cycle and this is year one.

Length of Season/Time Commitment

All Charlotte Metro FC teams, regardless of player age, have an 8-month seasonal year:  Fall (Aug-Nov) and Spring (Feb-May), with optional training during the winter and summer months (which are included in the Club Dues). Our coaching staff offers camps throughout the year that players can attend.


League Play

CMFC teams play in multiple leagues based on the age group, developmental needs, and playing history of the team.  CMFC Directors and coaches will choose the leagues that will best help the team to develop, while also challenging them to play and advance to the highest level leagues.  CMFC teams will play in US Club Soccer sanctioned leagues and tournaments.


Tournaments will be selected by the CMFC Directors in cooperation with the coaching staff based on the level and needs of the team.  When possible, CMFC will send multiple teams to the same tournament.  In general, teams that play in higher level leagues will be sent to higher level tournaments and/or higher divisions of tournaments.


Charlotte Metro FC   
Address: 2601 Wilkinson Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28208  
Phone Number: 704-804-4670  
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