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A Letter from the Executive Director - Daniel Araujo

By Daniel Araujo, 05/08/19, 12:15AM EDT


Thank you to all our Metro families for a wonderful soccer year! Thank you to the dedicated coaching staff who share their time and enthusiasm for teaching soccer.  A special thanks to our dedicated players, like I mentioned to you at our end of season party, these young players all have something special to give and that’s why they have been selected to be a part of our Metro family! They continue to thrive and shine.  

Another season’s over and what a successful, interesting and surprising one it’s been! When I stood here a year ago, we were getting started with Charlotte Metro FC. New fields and a new league, but the coaching philosophy never changed. Among the many successes I am proud of, is the fact that not only were we admitted into the Carolina Champions League to compete with teams from all N.C, but at the end of the season we were asked to be apart of the Carolina Champions League Advisory committee.

The Carolina Champions League wants to use us as a model club not only because of the caliber of our soccer but because of our sense of community within the club and outside the club.  And the latest, was a social media interaction that happened during our boys 2004 game in Holly Springs, N.C., when a referee looked up the club and put comments on how impressed he was when he watched our those boys perform.

Although we have done fantastically well, it’s important to remember that we’ll need to keep working hard.  The kids can tell you that effort is non-negotiable and that there’s always room for improvement as we go through the stages of learning.  We continue from staying away from winning at all costs, rather we focus on learning and that’s what we continue to do.

Metro feels like a family.  We all support each other and just like the African saying goes, “it takes a village” to play soccer in our community and we do, you all do, you all support each other and that makes us a like a big family.  I want to give a special thank you to our board members and managers, who have endless hours of volunteering and putting together a lot of work behind the scenes. To our players and parents, thank you for sticking through the process, for training, come rain or shine and for all those practices that run late so we can cram in what we need to get your child ready. There’s an old saying that “it matters not if you win or lose, but how you play the game” – and it’s an honor and a privilege to be associated with a group of players who do just that!

See you in the pitch and thanks again for your support!


Daniel Araujo
Executive Director
Charlotte Metro FC
Cell - (704) 517-2704
Office - (704) 572-8490